Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mah first post. In other words, "HI!"

I am a writer.
I am a writer who doesn't proof-read her last-minute writing assignments
I am a writer who wants to wring someone's neck every time she sees any usage of text talking.

Nice to meet you too!!

"Writing is mind traveling; destination unknown." ~unknown
My interpretation:  When you write you travel to the deepest parts of your mind for the perfect word to build the perfect sentence.  Your imagination gets a chance to run wild without being caught by the snares of realty.

Okay, I admit it.  I don't usually use such flowery words when I write, that right there ^ was a one time deal.  Welcome to the place where a self-absorbed teenager lets random people on the internet know how her writing is going and gives writing tips.  There will be occasional book reviews and perhaps fan-fics, even though I usually don't care much for fan-fics.

Writing Status:
Currently I'm not doing much writing because my computer crashed a couple weeks ago and yours truly didn't back up her stuff.  I'm just now getting my un-edited novels back onto my netbook so I can edit/finish/rewrite everything.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

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