Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welcome to My World: Semmre

Today was spent wandering through all the Joann's aisles at least twice while my sister and Gramma shopped, then a spending of a gift card at P. F. Chang's, and, finally, a trip to Office Depot.
I didn't know that Office Depot was in the list, and when I realized we were in that part of town, I bolted up in my car seat.

"Where are we going?"

"Office De-"

Gramma didn't even get to finish before I started rambling about how much I love notebooks and that Papermate had released a new line of pens called Inkjoy.  We went in and my sister and I made a beeline for the pens/notebooks/binders.

I exited with twenty-four Inkjoy pens, six notebooks, and a shiny, new, three-ring binder.
Of course, then I had to decide what to do with them.

I had been toying with the idea of writing a few more books that take place in Dyani's country, Semmre, for a while.  I'd even created a map:

Yes, the handwriting is terrible.  Leave me alone.

But the trip today was the turning point.

I will list everything about Semmre there is to know here.  It's perfect!  I thought on the way home, sorting the pens and putting notebooks in my binder.

When I got home I busted out the colored pencils and created a cover for my binder, as well as a crest for Semmre.

Albeit, it's an odd crest.  I'm still deciding if I like it or not.  Maybe I'll give it realistic colors or something.  Currently I'm brainstorming Semmre, even though I should be writing.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

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