Sunday, November 27, 2011

I am a Boss

Today I started with roughly 43000 words.
Tonight I ended with 50070.
I feel like a total boss because I wrote almost 7000 words in one day, this is my first time winning the real NaNo, ever, and I finished three days early, as well as completing my novel.
Excerpts may come after I do a bit of editing, or the may not come.  We'll find out.
One last thing: I wrote the entire thing and only killed two characters, and Afon was not one of them, because of my left turn at Ohio (rather than right), it actually worked out better that way.
Thanks to you guys who stayed up with me late at night word warring  and Write or Die-ing with me.
Wish all you other NaNo's luck!   And of course, congratulations if you have already won. :D

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Write Like...Many People

With my NaNoNovel, here are my results.

I write like
Chuck Palahniuk
I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

According to my most recent blog post on CharMunkMintMaid:

I write like
William Gibson
I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

And another excerpt from my NaNoNovel (This one involves lots of dialogue.)

I write like
Stephen King
I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

Well isn't that nice.  O.o

We'll do one more, a post from Mind Traveling.

I write like
Dan Brown
I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Monday, November 21, 2011

Beautiful People, Holiday Edition

 It's that time of the month, Beautiful People, where writers have to answer questions about their characters.  This month I'm going to do Sparrow, my MC for NaNo.

Sparrow: Why are you interviewing me?  I just had a major catastrophe in my life that's your fault, and you expect me to do this?
Me:  Yes, I'm the author.  Get over it.

1. What kind of holidays do they celebrate, if any?  
Well, seeing as I'm an American citizen, I celebrate the Chinese New Year and Children's Day.  What do you think I celebrate!?

2. What are they most thankful for? 
Well, isn't this nice.  I'm not feeling very thankful right now.  And it's your fault! 
Me:  I know it's my fault!  Please just answer the questions.  
Sparrow: Fine! Friends....

3. Do they have any family traditions? 
On Christmas day, we have a competition to see who can get up the earliest.  Whoever does, gets to open the first present (who cares about pickles!?)

4. What is their most memorable holiday memory? 
Well, let's see, probably the time when Dad forgot about Thanksgiving (Yeah, I have no idea how he managed to do that.) and went to the store to but a rotisserie chicken.  That was our turkey.

5. What is the most memorable gift they have ever received? 
My pendant from Maria.  It's blue and green and spaaaarkly.  Or perhaps it's the....Wait, no, I'm mad at you, I'm not giving you credit for anything.

6. Do they consider it important to be with family during celebrations?  
YES!!  Of course I do!  But that obviously won't be happening any more.  ~Gives me nasty glare~

7. Do they usually wait till the last minute to purchase gifts, or do they buy them ridiculously early? 
My shopping starts in early November and goes all the way until Christmas, I like to find the perfect thing for everyone, and have enough money for everyone.  Of course, this year I won't be doing much shopping.  ~More glares~

8. Favorite Christmas song? For fantasy authors, is music a part of their celebration?
Carol of the Bells.

9. Do they celebrate for religious reasons?  No.

10. How do they celebrate the beginning of the new year?  
Staying up until nine o'clock.  Yeah, I know, we're boring.

Me: Thank you for finally cooperating Sparrow, you may go back to your novel now.
Sparrow:  How about back in time too.
Me: No, you may not, I wouldn't have a story if you stayed inside all day to avoid Marija for the first time.
~Arguing ensues~

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mist Made Excerpts

 Okay everyone, I'm a little bit behind on NaNo, and I'm procrastinating by giving you excerpts.  Here you are!
“And you, Sparrow,” he turned to me and I looked away. Why did all the Mist People have terrifying eyes? “How much do you know?”
The guard took his hand away from my mouth so I could speak. “Nothing.”
“You lie.”
“So what if I do?”
“It is wrong to lie to the king of the Mist Realms,” he said in a sneering tone of voice as if I didn't know that lying was wrong. “You will suffer the same fate of Afon if you do not tell us what you know.”
“I don’t know anything!” I snapped as the guard let me go. The room started to feel more stuffy, and I started hyperventilating. Now was the perfect time to have a fit of claustrophobia.
“But you do,” he said. He came forward and grabbed my arm. He twisted it and I felt a searing pain. I yelled. “This thing,” he pointed to my tattoo, “can read your thoughts for us. We know your location, what you are thinking, what you are doing.”

And one more, because I know you're all dying to read more now. Just kidding about the dying part, I wouldn't want to kill any of my readers. (By the way, she has amnesia in the following excerpt if that will help.)

 “Her service?” I asked.
“I’m her apprentice, sort of. I’m learning to work under the king…I want to be his main architect someday. She’s my only chance. She threatened to let me go if I didn’t start doing things right. You’re not the first thing to go wrong…” He sat down on his bed and started twirling a stone ring on his right middle finger.
“Where’d you get that?”
“Dad gave it to me.”
“Will I ever get to meet your dad?” I continued standing.
“Why not?”
“He’s…dead.” I thought I saw a tear fall onto the dark piece of stone.
“Oh…” Talk about an awkward turtle. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be, it’s not your fault,” he looked at me, looked me in the eyes, and I didn’t look away, even though there were tear streaks on his face. I felt like I knew some similar pain, I had lost a family member too, perhaps. He knew who, too. I could feel it.
“I…I know how you feel,” I said.
“I know.” Afon looked away.
“Tell me why?”
“You…you lost a sister, a younger sister. I’m not supposed to tell you that. Please don’t tell Marija.”
“I won’t.” A sudden idea struck me. “Did…did Marija wipe my mind?”
“She helped.”
A chewed my lip for a minute. “Did you help?”
He sat silent for a moment. “Yes,” he whispered hoarsely, as if he was afraid I wouldn’t like him if he told the truth.

To be honest, that's probably my most favorite part in the whole book.  

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"So sit down and focus 'cause it's November and I'm going to write a freaking book."

NaNoWriMo was going quite well until about yesterday.  I was ahead by one day, my characters were wonderful and my plot was good.  But then I realized that I hated my last chapter and that Sparrow (my main character) is becoming a little bit 2D.
In other words I'm not feeling very NaNo-ish today.  Part of it is I got sick yesterday, so I don't feel like doing much other than Facebook and listening to Christmas Music, but the other part of it is I want my writing to be perfect.
Get over it, Miss Grace, that's not what NaNo is about.
NaNo is about writing that first draft.  First drafts are not meant to be perfect.
Basically I'm saying, who cares about that rotten chapter.  Turn it into a dream or something and keep going!  I'm off to write!

Also, here is an epic music video.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Sunday, November 06, 2011

NaNoWriMo Update

I can honestly say that this is one of my best NaNo's ever.  I love my characters, the plot is thickening, and I'm not having and problems with my word count goal.
No, I'm not lying.
The only real problem I'm having is I don't think my setting is very good.  Setting and characters have always been one thing  I lack and I have failed epically at both using NaNoWriMo.
On the bright side, I reached 10,600 words last night (and then fell asleep, with the computer running.  Thank goodness it was plugged in.  I really didn't want to lose 2000 words or so.), so sorry if I'm incoherent today. 
My plot took a very unexpected turn, I mean, really unexpected turn yesterday, and I think it may be from some drama (~gags~) at dance.
Sparrow and Afon are falling in love.
At about 10:00 last night I was like, "WHAT IS THIS!?" when I realized what was happening.  I don't like romance novels, so I may try to shove it away and get on with the story, but it might be hard.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

 P.S.  I may be falling in love with Afon too. ;)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

NaNoWriMo Fever

NaNo update!: So, yesterday NaNoWriMo started.  I wrote over 2000 words and now it's after eleven today and haven't written anything, mostly because I had to help Dad in hte shop and I slept in for almost two hours (I also fell asleep while writing yesterday.  It was at Mom's piano studio.  She had a student.  Awkward). 

I know many Wrimos are terrified to get started, and I'm writing this to encourage.

It's hard to step out and try new things for many of us.  We're terrified we'll do it wrong.  And you know what, you will get this wrong.

Every great novel ever written had a terrible first draft.

That's the point in NaNoWriMo!  To ignore your inner editor and let yourself write a novel.  Sure the diting is absolutely horrendous, but that's what December is for.

Now, why are you reading this?  Stop pretending it's National Novel Procrastination Month and go write!

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Thursday, October 27, 2011


NaNoWriMo is getting ever closer and I am quite satisfied with how my plot is coming.  I'm done outling (I may go back and edit; it is a 1000-word outline. O.o ) and I've started working on my characters.  So far I only have names for everyone.
Sparrow (MC)
Marija (Appears to be the villian)
Afon ( Ally)
Justice (Ally)

Marija and Afon are Mist People, just so you know.  I wouldn't normally name a person something that weird (Although, I love exotic names, you never know...).

The whole point in this is that OYAN has corupted me.  I have never once planned a novel before. ~gasps from surrounding audience~
But, I've been corrupted in a good way.  Maybe I will get a NaNo novel that is usable!  I really believe that having a Synopsis and outline will prevent writer's block.  As Mr. S. says, you can't write from inspiration, because you never know when you'll be inspired.  You have to be interested.  And, I must say, that I'm really excited to start working on this novel.  I love it to death.

Ignore the red squiggly line.  I forgot to get rid of that.  I did it on Microsoft Office 2010 while we had no internet.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler
P.S. IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Beautiful People October 2011

This is a very recently discovered thing by me, and it's called Beautiful People.

Usually it's about characters in your novels, but this month it's for NaNoWriMo, since NaNo is just around the corner.

These are the questions I am supposed to answer:

1. Sum up your novel in five words, or less.
Sparrow is a captive.

2. Novel title?
Mist Made
3. Sum up your main character(s) in one word.
4. Advice for newbies in three words?
Don't give up. (I know, totally unoriginal.)
5. Tell us about your secondary characters, how do they affect the story?
The Mist People have captured Sparrow.  I only know of one so far, and her name is Ati.
6. Do you plan on staying up till midnight on the 31st?
Possibly...I may be too tired, and Mom may not let me.
7. How many years have you done NaNo?
This will really be year three, but we won't talk about the first year. O.o
8. What came first, characters, or plot idea?
Plot, but title/cover was actually very first.
9. How much prep do you do before November?
This is actually the first year I plotted anything before throwing myself in.
10. Now be honest, how do you really feel about NaNo?
I feel like I may never get a half-way decent novel out of it, but I love being able to say I wrote a novel in a month, and I may get a feasable story yet.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mist Made

NaNoWriMo is in only 15 days, and I am ready for it.  I have a very rough plot (coming up with more ideas at this very moment) and here's my cover:

I've been told it's wonderful.

If any of you are interested, I'm AnimalsAre8D on both sites.
~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011

What would we do without friends.
After much thought, discussion, and math (with the help of one of my best friends), I have decided I will do NaNoWriMo.

For you math nerds, I'll explain how I got to my conclusion.

At the absolute max, I can write 750 words in 15 minutes, but I'm going to give myself some lee-way, so...25 minutes.
I think (as long as I plan my day right) I will have around 1-2 hours to write a day (ON AVERAGE).
That's roughly 45 minutes for 1000 words.
So: 30 x 1000 = 3000
But, I want to challenege myself a little, so I'll say 35,000, which is...

1167 words per day.
Simple. :)

After a little more thought and no math, I decided that I would do BOTH YWP and NaNowriMo!  My minimum goal will be 35,000, but I'll still shoot for the full 50,000!

Anyway, now I need to go do OYAN and plot a novel and some other stuff.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Thursday, September 08, 2011


It is nearing Autumn at long last. <3<3<3

I wish I had taken this picture...sadly, Google Images has come to my rescue once again. Image Source

I have never been the biggest fan of Summer and I have two reasons: heat and mosquitoes.  I don't do heat well and I get more headaches in summer than any other time of the year (unfortunately, I am prone to them like my mother before me.).  I love 4-H and swimming and dance recital and such, but I did not have a good 4-H year and didn't go swimming a single time, which really sucks.  But I have to add that dance recital was FANTASTIC because I'm typically a positive thinker and I don't want to live that down.

Over the weekend we went from Summer to Autumn (yes, in only about four days.  Welcome to Colorado.), therefore I'm boycotting the rest of Summer with long-sleeved shirts and my snowman earrings.  I am just that awesome.  It's suddenly lower than 50 degrees F in the morning and we don't have the AC in our (as in, my sister's and my) room 24/7.  I am happy.  Come to think of it...I'd like a new jacket, I must consult the mother about that and winter dress shoes (I'm hoping for black boots this year).

I love Fall because of all the colors, mostly.  I don't live in the mountains (sadly), but at least I don't live in the big city.  I'm in a tiny town in the northern part of CO and it really is beautiful there, especially on the days you can see the mountains to the west. 

This season I'm planning on appreciating the beauty more.  I'm always so busy with Facebook, dance classes, the various chores Dad has for us (last week we put a new roof on one of the sheds), and now school, that I don't stop and think about it.  I've been trying to work on this, focusing on the moment before me, instead of everything in the future.  I've already noticed I'm more happy, and when I go into my whatever I'm waiting for, it's way more fun because I haven't WORRIED about it (I am a natural worry-wort).  I'm honestly a little proud of myself for trying to get out of this habit so early.  The next thing I need to work on will probably be I and Me.

I realize this had nothing to do with writing, but I just had to say something about Autumn, because it's so pretty.  <3

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Adverbs and Adjectives (Good and Well)

I haven't posted in a week, so I'm going to  tell you of my largest pet peeve ever (other than text talk.):

When people use "Good" instead of "Well."

Why can't they understand that "good" is an ADJECTIVE and "well" is an ADVERB?

"Are you doing well?" sounds so much more professional than, "Are you doing good?" because it is GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT.

People do this all the time (even I do sometimes, I must confess, but then I correct myself.  I also correct other that bad?) and it drives me crazy.  As in, "LONA, it's WELL not GOOD!!!" said out loud crazy.  The last conversation I had about this was last Sunday.

"We're doing good!" Erin said.
"Well," I said.
"I don't understand the difference between good and well."
"'Well,' is an adverb, 'Good' is an adjective."
"Thank you," said Bailey, Erin's sister.

Even my sister can't get it right.  The other day when I corrected her she told me that good is just less than well.  I was dumbstruck.

Do me a favor, world, and get your adjectives and adverbs straight.

FTR, I know I sounded snarky in this post...
Also, Blogger has a shiny new format.  Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Interesting Times by Terry Pratchett (first book review)

Image Source
 So, for my first book review, I'm doing the book I finished today: Interesting Times by Terry Pratchett.
This was my first Discworld novel.  Love.  It.
If someone forced me to describe it in one word, it would be, "HILARIOUS!"

Now, I was going to do about ten quotes from the book (because they are so funny) but Mom was in the car waiting for me to finish the last page so that we could return it to the library, so I couldn't.  I was quite unhappy when I realized it on the way back and couldn't think of anything but, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" for the rest of the half-mile home.
Anyway, the plot line is something like this:  Rincewind "volunteers" to go to the Counterweight Continent when a letter is sent to Unseen University asking for the, "Great Wizard."  Rincewind ends up finding is oldest friend (95 years of age), Cohen, and his band of senile barbarians, the Silver Horde.  The Horde is planning to attack the capital and kill the emperor.  ~Fast forward~ Rincewind somehow manages to find the "Red Army" (an army of children wanting to rebel against the empire and, as he tries to convince them it's NOT a good idea, Cohen takes over the Forbidden City.  ~Fast forward~ the Silver Horde faces five armies and Rincewind is underground discovering the real Red Army.

Yes, that was a pathetic Synopsis.  I'm terrible at those.

My favorite thing things about this book is are:
Rincewind.  I can relate to him, even though I can't, if that makes any sense.  He is insanely funny and fun to read about.
The epic humor.  Think of a scholar trying to teach barbarians civilization, a "wizzard" who isn't really a wizard, and the gods playing board games all in one book, and you have Interesting Times and a couple of laughs on all 200+ pages.

It's very interesting.  Read it.  5/5 stars.  I haven't read anything this good in a while.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Forget about Christmas in July, it's Christmas in August!!

Yesterday I was on Facebook, chatting a friend, minding my own business, and somehow we managed to get into Lord of the Rings and how I was planning on reading it right between Nutcracker and Christmas.  Then, BAM!  I went into writer mode and started describing everything I love about that time of year.
Next scene, I'm writing Christmas haikus.   I'm going to share them with you now, and later I will go find some pictures and Picnik the poems onto them.  It should be awesome.

Christmas Tree
Dancing, dainty lights,
snowmen, candy-canes, snowflakes.
Christmas Eve's nightlight.

Winter Morning

Sparkling icicles,
snow falls slowly to the ground.
My window is fogged.


Christmas angels sing
of great tidings and great joy.
Let us sing along.

Child's Wish

Deeper and higher
and then dreams of some sledding.
Please, snow all night long.

Front Yard

Deers in white and blue
bend their heads deep to the snow
and drink crystal flakes.

What About?
Presents, trees, and snow...
It is all about just those.
What about Jesus?

Midnight Drive

I drive throughout town,
look at the beautiful lights, 
and sing to myself.

Christmas Pageant

Bright lights on the stage
reflecting off silver wings
in our Christmas play.

Christmas Eve

Christmas carols play
softly on the radio
into a deep sleep.

A Star
It was a star that
showed three special men a way.
Stars I follow too.

My least favorite would have to be Child's Wish and A Star.  My favorites are....a lot of them...  We'll go with Front Yard, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Tree.
Enjoy your Christmas in August!  Hopefully  I've put you in the mood to drive your parents nuts with Christmas stuff already.  I get to do that anyway since NUTCRACKER BALLET TRY-OUTS ARE IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!  YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!  FTR, I dance more than I write sometimes.  I love, love, LOVE Ballet, and Nutcracker, especially Nutcracker because it means lots of late nights with friends I never get to talk to.  YAYNESS!!!!!!!!!

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

One Year Adventure Novel and Some Other Stuff started yesterday (YAY) and we have a new writing program.

Photo print screened from their website.
OYAN for short.  It is the most epic thing ever.  It counts as a highschool credit, it's made for homeschoolers and IT IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!  Your goal is to write an adventure novel in nine months, rather than completely rushed like NaNoWriMo (I've practically given up on that, for the win).  Here's the link:
I've only done two lessons and I already love it.  It comes with a bunch of DVD's, The Compass (text book), The Map (workbook), and the teacher guide stuff that I'm not allowed to look at.  The DVD's are very clear, and I can understand him easily.  Everything is easy to comprehend and I feel like I've already learned stuff.  Also, there are these epic quotes that I can use as Facebook statuses.  I'll go into more detail when I've used it a little bit more.

As to other stuff... You should all know I started school yesterday (second time stated in this post).  I'm thinking that I will be reviewing my school books as I read them, maybe sharing some grades (MAYBE), and doing other stuff as I come up with ideas.  By the way, my algebra wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be yesterday.  I got a 94% because I couldn't remember how to do one problem and I messed up a number in another.
Oh look, a grade.

RANDOM QUOTE:  "I love being a writer.  What I can't stand is the paperwork." ~Peter DeVries

One last thing, on Sunday I discovered that I'm "betrothed" (read, "I'm supposed to marry him because I was told to even though I'm not required") to an eight-year-old boy down the street because his dad wants someone who "knows how to do things."  I guess I should take that as a compliment but....awkward...

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Back to Homeschool Supplies: The Part of School Which I LOVE

Mom went to Wally-World last night (without me, I might add, which made me angry) and got all my back to homeschool supplies.
Heaven.  <3<3<3<3<3
  • Five folders <3
  • Four notebooks <3<3
  • A box of pwetty mechanical pencils <3  (they are translucent and where you hold them, it's all bumpy<3)
  • Three-ring binder <3<3  To hold my schedule this year.  THIS YEAR I FINALLY GET MY OWN SCHEDULE!!!!!!!!
This post proves four thing (comment with any others):
  1. I'm a nerd
  2. I like lists
  3. I love organizing things
  4. I love the colors blue and green (see pictures below)
Also, the school room table is clean!!  We're trying a new writing program this year!!  American history in-depth!!  BOOKS!!!  Grammar!!  I have my own schedule!!
This year I'm determined to work hard throughout the entire year.  Wish me luck.
Also, pictures!  Because I am a nerd.  They are bad pictures, because I am not skilled with my sister's iPod.  And it died in the middle of e-mailing them to my computer.








~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Jealousy, August CaNaNo, and some other epic stuff.

I am so stinking jealous of everyone's blogs, but mostly just one.  ZNZ and her blog Jotting Down Notes.  But I can't copy her, because that would be bad.  She makes amazing book reviews, and amazing doodles, and amazing, hilarious posts.   I'M JEALOUS THAT I ONLY HAVE FOUR FOLLOWERS AND SHE HAS MORE!
I need help with ideas for making my blog more epic.  Tell me what you wish to read about, pretty please?  Maybe I can gain inspiration from that...  I guess I need something that's ME.  That other writer's don't have...hmmm.....I think I'll go set up a poll.
Also, what do you think of my cover for A Dancer's Heart?  I've decided to keep it at heart, because you can have heart shapes, but not soul shapes, to make a cover.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


This is my favorite writing community.   I like short https....
It's by Harper Collins.  It give's the top five books, short stories, and poems a chance to be publshed once a month.
Yes, it's a popularity contest.  Yes, you have to spend time on it to get anywhere.
Okay, okay, I'll stop using short sentences.
I still love it.  <3
Figment is okay, I guess, but I find it hard to find anything on it, and Protagonize I plain don't like the setup.  I love inkpop because it does give a chance to get published, even though my chances of that are slimmer than a pin right now because I don't have any stories posted at the moment.  I removed Wolf Call because of its terribleness.  Soon I will be adding Too Much Green (now, A Dancer's Heart, soon to be A Dancer's Soul, because I already have a novel with "heart" in the name.) since Chick Lit is something that's in right now.
If you decide to join this site, I would have to say the biggest things are giving good reviews, making yourself known, and be willing for swaps and an occasional free read.  Also, I'm AnimalsAre8D.  Befriend me and then leave me a comment saying you discovered inkpop from my blog!

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Final Camp NaNo update July 2011

So, today is the last day of NaNo July 2011.
I was going to go for 35,000 words, but a friend told me to try to get to 40,000 tonight.  Right now I have three hours.  Guess what I'm doing after this?  So, I won't reach the full 50,000, but I am about to finish writing a novel in a month, and, as that same friend said, I need to be proud of that and there's always another NaNo.
Apparently there's a glitch in the site and the timezones are off, therefore, I can't validate my novel.  Stinkiness.  At least, I think it's a glitch.  I contacted NaNo and I'll let you know what they say about it.
So, after I finish Wolf Heart, I'm hoping to go on and start the next one, but I may rather collapse into bed from fatigue and then let my mind mull over it in my sleep.  We'll see what happens.  I'd like to get a head start though so that I get the full 50,000.  Also, I'm not sure what to call the final one.  Hmmm...  Then again, I may need a break from Zotnoke and I should move on to something else for a little while.  What to do, what to do.
Happy writing!

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camp NaNo Update (again)

Camp NaNoWriMo July 2011 is almost over.
I'm only half-way through my novel.
I have to write 5,000 words everyday for the rest of the month.
Image Source

Yeah, that's what I looked like when my friend told me that, because I was too stupid to realize that five divided by 25,000 equals 5,000.
So, now you're asking why in the world I'm making a blog post when I should be writing into the late hours of the night on Microsoft Word, not on Blogger (actually it's only mid-day).  I'm here to help others in my predicament, of course.
Due to 4-H I did not write a single word last week and now I will pay for it by sneaking my computer in when I'm supposed to be working the Youth Pop Stand tomorrow, and Brianna and I can drink all the soda we want so that I will stay up late writing.  Just kidding, I'm not the hugest fan of soda, unless it's in small quantities or in the form of a Vernors Float.
Anyway, last night I was chatting my tap teacher on facebook and discussing with him my problem.  He told me to just spew it all out and not to worry about grammar, spelling, or any of that other nonsense.  After all, you have the rest of your life to edit it. My interpretation is lock your inner editor in the closet, and make sure he doesn't bang down the door until August (or September if your doing Camp NaNo August too).  Who care if you spell "that" backwards (taht, for the win)?
Also, a special 
Happy Birthday!!!!!
Image Source
to my mommy, who turns.....ummm....about that age today.  She said once you hit over forty you get in trouble for telling your mom's age and I--oops...heh heh.

Image Source
Anywhoozle, thanks for reading my blog if you do read it and....I think I'm going to go write about the beginning of their quest to halt Gasis.  HA HA HA!! many people should die?
~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Horror Writing

My favorite quote.  It's by John Jakes.
Alright, I don't have much to post today, so I'm going to wing it, because I told a friend I would post if she posted.  So, first, a picture to start a discussion. 

Another fancy thing you can do with picnik.
Anyway, in case the handwriting's too fancy for you, the picture says, "Be yourself.  Above all, let who you are, what you are, and what you believe shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish."
This inspires me to be myself. Amazing isn't it, that it would inspire me to do what it tells me too?  Yeah, yeah, lame, I know...
So, because I'm still stuck.....
I don't think I need to post the cover this time, so I'll just tell you how far behind I am and everything.
 So far, there has been no kidnapping, the MC is not very main at the moment, I'm behind nearly five thousand words, and my plot isn't sturdy.  Welcome to the realm of Horror Writing.  No not that kind of writing, the kind that's so terribly written it makes you scream and run far, far, away.
Actually, I don't think mine's that bad ( I hope not, anyway).  At the very least, I have an antagonist now.
We're all struggling through week two together now.  In my opinion, it's the worst, simply from all the time wasted staring at the computer screen and thinking, maybe if I keep staring it'll do something all by itself!  I guarantee you that won't happen; it's like staring at the Christmas presents hoping that you'll suddenly gain x-ray vision.
So, as some random NaNo person who sends you NaNo mail once a week says: figure out what your MC really wants, put it on a plate on the highest shelf you can find, and burn the ladder.  Also, throw in some crocodiles and stuff to keep it interesting (no, stepping on a piece of gum on a shiny, new, metal ladder won't work either).
Have I rambled enough yet?
~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Camp NaNo Update

Okay, unless you live in a cave on Greenland, you'll have read my last post and know what Camp Totally Amazing Awesome NaNoWriMo is.  If you didn't click the link last time, DO IT!!!!!!
So, again, about my novel, here's excerpts, cover, synopsis, la di da di da.

Google and Picnik are the most amazing things evah!!

 Synopsis that I'm making up on the spot: 
Sashrera was a normal girl, but now she is a Wolf and little does she know that her whole world is about to change again.
Misty and Eliza are normal girls out for a camping trip with Misty's family when one mishap changes the course of history.
Jagger and Cahya are two seventeen-year-old criminals who spend their time being older then they really are.  On a trip to California, they end up mixed in with the fate of the world.
The elves are peace-loving and they know that the whole world is in danger from an evil so great that it can never be destroyed, only bottled up.  The bottle is about to break and four species must unite together with a chosen one to save everything.
[That was terrible, and very, very, very cliche]

                The figure stepped forward.  It was slender with toned skin and strong muscles.  It appeared to be graceful yet hardy, a creature who spent its days out in the sun, one who has seen much.  Black hair flowed from its scalp, giving it a more feminine appearance.
                “Yev’nar doesth?”  Finally, a language Sashrera understood.  Wolf Speak for, “Who are you?”
                “Why do you wish to know?” Sashrera asked.
                “You are different from other wolves.  You speak intelligently; you are alone.  Alternatively, do I wish to know what you are?”  The being had a silvery voice.  Sashrera immediately thought of the stories she used to read.  An elf?
                “I am a wolf on the outside, but not on the inside.”
                “I can see that.  What is on the inside?”
                “I do not know if I can trust you.”
                “True.  I do not know if I can trust you either.”
                “Then we have a dilemma.”
                Sashrera stood where she was so she could turn and run at any moment and she did not dare turn her back.  She wondered if the creature could sense fear, because she surely reeked of it at the moment.
                “I will begin with me.  I am an elf.  My clan has come because we sense a change in the patterns of magic here.  Do you know anything of it?”  the elf asked her.
                The wolf felt like responding with, “Do I ever?”  but she refrained and said, “Some.”
                “You will not tell me?”
                Sashrera pondered a moment before saying, “I was once not a wolf, but a human.”
                “I see.  Your name?”  The elves tone changed once she mentioned human.  Sashrera couldn’t help but think, Oh no!  Humans are meddling with magic now!  We all shall die!
                “Yours first.”
                The elf sighed in defeat.  “My name is Mrinal, the Lotus Stalk.”
                “My former name was Trisha, noble.  Now it is Sashrera, the Hidden Hero.”
                “What do you know of the magical disturbances?”
                Sashrera eyed the elf once again.  She was dressed in a skin-tight shirt made of a shimmery fabric and rather short shorts of the same green material.   Slung over her back was a bow and arrows, at her side, a knife.
                A typical cliché elf, Sashrera thought.  “I can take you to someone who understands better.”  The thought of taking an elf to Zotnoke was intimidating.  She had already brought him a dragon twice, and both times, he was unhappy.  Would an elf be any different?
                “Take me to him.”
                The demand took Sashrera by surprise, so she answered a bit randomly, “Do you wish to bring any of your clan?”
                “Nay, I can protect myself.”  Sashrera managed to interpret that as, “If he attacks me, you’ll find him in little tiny pieces.”
                “Follow me.”  Although the once human felt uncomfortable with not keeping an eye on the hunter, she was determined to show that she was not afraid, no matter how big of a lie it was.

Soooooooo, there it is.  My amazing novel that is sure to make it on the New York best seller list.  You'll be reading these great fantasies to your kids someday! ~sarcasm~

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Friday, July 01, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo

       So, you all may or may not know about National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo)  where your goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days.  There's also the Young Writer's Program for anyone who's under 13 or doesn't want to do 50,000 words.  You can set your own goal.
       But now for the real thing.  Yesterday I found out about something just as amazing as NaNoWriMo: CAMP NANOWRIMO!!!!!!!!!  for da first year eva.
        This thing is excactly the same except it's camp themed and it takes plave in July (the downside is no YWP).  In July, however, because it's the first year eva (which ryhmes with beta) there are no "Shiny Bells" such as budies or forums.  There's also a second Camp NaNo in August that does add all the amazing things, but, as far as I know, no YWP.
        So, now I'm doing both and hoping to finish the trilogy I started during NaNoWriMo.
        Now, for my actual novel, because I've suddenly decided to talk about myself.
        Wolf Heart, by me.  It's the second bok in my trilogy that I started during NaNoWriMo 2010.  There'll be a kidnapping I think.  And wolves and magic, which automatically makes it an awesome book.
~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Writing...Minus the Inspiration

Welcome back to the Mind Traveler’s diverse thoughts on writing, reading, and…other stuff! 
What do you do when you have no inspiration [like I do right now]?
Option A: Not writing.
 There is always the possibility of throwing the pencil/pen down [or throwing the computer across the room], but why?  What does that accomplish?  Almost always, nothing!  If you get a professional job as a writer, most likely, you will have deadlines and to meet those deadlines, [obviously] you need to write!  Throwing in the towel helps nobody.
On occasion, however, there are exceptions.  Did you know that your brain works on problems even when you’re not thinking about them?  Sometimes taking a break and reading, doing some chores, watching TV or going for a bike ride gives you a chance for inspiration.  Who knows?  Maybe your inspiration will come from the dog dragging its owner down the street as you pedal away.
Option B: Writing
It doesn’t matter if it’s junk, just write whatever “it” might be!
If you’re over there saying, “I have nothing to write,” write down a descriptive of your surroundings, an event that happened recently, the dream you had precisely 6 hours ago, just teach yourself to write no matter what.  One excellent way to do this is 750 Words.  It motivates you to write every day—even if it is a bunch of gibberish—with badges, and goals and what not.  For more info, click the link.
If you know what you want to write, but don’t know how to get there.  Same thing, write down the ugly stuff; it’s called a first DRAFT for a reason.
Not sure how to continue an already started story? Ditto to the above.  The other option is outlining your story.  If you’re like me, you just don’t do that because it gives you writers’ block.  But, in the extreme case, I find outlining helpful.  If you already have your story outlined.  Ignore it.  Write what comes naturally; don’t try to force your characters and your plot to do anything.  You don’t have to follow the straight and narrow path when you’re writing.  Travel through your mind!  Search for alternatives.  Stray away from your familiar box!  You might find that your writing is smoother, cleaner and more unique.
"Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish."
Before I go…PROMOS!!!!
~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mah first post. In other words, "HI!"

I am a writer.
I am a writer who doesn't proof-read her last-minute writing assignments
I am a writer who wants to wring someone's neck every time she sees any usage of text talking.

Nice to meet you too!!

"Writing is mind traveling; destination unknown." ~unknown
My interpretation:  When you write you travel to the deepest parts of your mind for the perfect word to build the perfect sentence.  Your imagination gets a chance to run wild without being caught by the snares of realty.

Okay, I admit it.  I don't usually use such flowery words when I write, that right there ^ was a one time deal.  Welcome to the place where a self-absorbed teenager lets random people on the internet know how her writing is going and gives writing tips.  There will be occasional book reviews and perhaps fan-fics, even though I usually don't care much for fan-fics.

Writing Status:
Currently I'm not doing much writing because my computer crashed a couple weeks ago and yours truly didn't back up her stuff.  I'm just now getting my un-edited novels back onto my netbook so I can edit/finish/rewrite everything.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler