Sunday, November 27, 2011

I am a Boss

Today I started with roughly 43000 words.
Tonight I ended with 50070.
I feel like a total boss because I wrote almost 7000 words in one day, this is my first time winning the real NaNo, ever, and I finished three days early, as well as completing my novel.
Excerpts may come after I do a bit of editing, or the may not come.  We'll find out.
One last thing: I wrote the entire thing and only killed two characters, and Afon was not one of them, because of my left turn at Ohio (rather than right), it actually worked out better that way.
Thanks to you guys who stayed up with me late at night word warring  and Write or Die-ing with me.
Wish all you other NaNo's luck!   And of course, congratulations if you have already won. :D

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

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