Thursday, November 10, 2011

"So sit down and focus 'cause it's November and I'm going to write a freaking book."

NaNoWriMo was going quite well until about yesterday.  I was ahead by one day, my characters were wonderful and my plot was good.  But then I realized that I hated my last chapter and that Sparrow (my main character) is becoming a little bit 2D.
In other words I'm not feeling very NaNo-ish today.  Part of it is I got sick yesterday, so I don't feel like doing much other than Facebook and listening to Christmas Music, but the other part of it is I want my writing to be perfect.
Get over it, Miss Grace, that's not what NaNo is about.
NaNo is about writing that first draft.  First drafts are not meant to be perfect.
Basically I'm saying, who cares about that rotten chapter.  Turn it into a dream or something and keep going!  I'm off to write!

Also, here is an epic music video.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

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