Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Editing of DQZ: Day One

Today I started to edit my first OYAN novel, Dyani: The Quest for Zuriel.
I've started just by reading through it and taking notes of what needs to be changed.  I'm almost through it all.

I have three (albeit small) pages of notes.

It's rather overwhelming for me, but I'm consoling myself by telling myself that at least I can see what needs to be fixed.

A few things are:
  • It moves too fast.
  • I need more hoops from the actual villain.
  • Change the villain's name.
  • More character development for Niyet, Sheol (whose name will be changed), Yevriel, Fairn, Jalem and Alistair. 
  • Setting...
  • Durn [the dog] attacking Yevriel is almost a given that Yevriel is bad.
  • Change the villain's background.
  • There are some questions that go unanswered.
 I actually have thirty-one notes, and I think I badly need to re-write chapters nine through eleven.  I have a feeling that I'll have to keep reminding myself it's only a first draft.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler


Nairam said...

Yep, it's only the rough draft.

Maybe work only on a few things at a time, too--that might help in the "overwhelming" department. I'm doing the fourth draft of one of my stories right now and I'm doing it in two phases--once to kind of clean up the plot, work on characters, and add or delete scenes. Then a second time to focus more on the prose and historical accuracy components.

Of course, you should find what works for you. :)

Best of luck!

The Director said...

First drafts are the worst, definitely, because you have to force yourself to stop second-guessing everything. At some point, you just gotta go for it! But lists are very good for fixing problems ;)

Oh, by the way, your comment on a post of mine about playing Dragon Warrior on the NES... it just hit me what the NES is, and I think we play the same game. Is it the one where you are Edrick's heir and you have to get back the balls of light from the Dragon Lord guy? If so.... wah! We gotta get together and talk! It's my favorite game of all time :P

If not, and I'm completely mistaken... I am sincerely sorry for clogging up your comment box :/

Charlotte Grace said...
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Charlotte Grace said...

@The Director: It certainly is. :D I love that whole series. I convinced my grandparents to get me a Nintendo DS so I could play IX, and my parents got a PS2 to play VIII. We're insane. :P

The Director said...

@Charlotte No way!!! :D I've never met anyone else who likes that game! :) I didn't know that the series went farther than II and III. But apparently there is more to the world than I realized XD

So, I'm assuming that you complete the first game a long time ago.... *sighs* I'm almost there. I'm only on Level 19, but I already have the silver shield and the only thing I have left to grab is Erdrick's armor and his token and then I really have nothing left but to fight until I level up and can fight the Dragonlord xD

I am so excited, seriously. No one else I know plays that game :D :D :D So, *high fives* High fives are seriously in order :P

Charlotte Grace said...

~high fives back~
I-IV are on the NES, V and VI are in Japanese (my parents attempted to play them and failed...), VII is on the PS1, VIII is on the PS2, and IX is on the Nintendo DS. There's a Dragon Quest (The changed their name on 7) Swords for wii, but it's not quite as fun.
I've completed 1, 3, and 4 (Our 2 game crashed and by the time we got a new on I was in the middle of 4) and I'm working on 7 (asdjfbajgagf SO HARD.) and 9.