Thursday, October 27, 2011


NaNoWriMo is getting ever closer and I am quite satisfied with how my plot is coming.  I'm done outling (I may go back and edit; it is a 1000-word outline. O.o ) and I've started working on my characters.  So far I only have names for everyone.
Sparrow (MC)
Marija (Appears to be the villian)
Afon ( Ally)
Justice (Ally)

Marija and Afon are Mist People, just so you know.  I wouldn't normally name a person something that weird (Although, I love exotic names, you never know...).

The whole point in this is that OYAN has corupted me.  I have never once planned a novel before. ~gasps from surrounding audience~
But, I've been corrupted in a good way.  Maybe I will get a NaNo novel that is usable!  I really believe that having a Synopsis and outline will prevent writer's block.  As Mr. S. says, you can't write from inspiration, because you never know when you'll be inspired.  You have to be interested.  And, I must say, that I'm really excited to start working on this novel.  I love it to death.

Ignore the red squiggly line.  I forgot to get rid of that.  I did it on Microsoft Office 2010 while we had no internet.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler
P.S. IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Beautiful People October 2011

This is a very recently discovered thing by me, and it's called Beautiful People.

Usually it's about characters in your novels, but this month it's for NaNoWriMo, since NaNo is just around the corner.

These are the questions I am supposed to answer:

1. Sum up your novel in five words, or less.
Sparrow is a captive.

2. Novel title?
Mist Made
3. Sum up your main character(s) in one word.
4. Advice for newbies in three words?
Don't give up. (I know, totally unoriginal.)
5. Tell us about your secondary characters, how do they affect the story?
The Mist People have captured Sparrow.  I only know of one so far, and her name is Ati.
6. Do you plan on staying up till midnight on the 31st?
Possibly...I may be too tired, and Mom may not let me.
7. How many years have you done NaNo?
This will really be year three, but we won't talk about the first year. O.o
8. What came first, characters, or plot idea?
Plot, but title/cover was actually very first.
9. How much prep do you do before November?
This is actually the first year I plotted anything before throwing myself in.
10. Now be honest, how do you really feel about NaNo?
I feel like I may never get a half-way decent novel out of it, but I love being able to say I wrote a novel in a month, and I may get a feasable story yet.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mist Made

NaNoWriMo is in only 15 days, and I am ready for it.  I have a very rough plot (coming up with more ideas at this very moment) and here's my cover:

I've been told it's wonderful.

If any of you are interested, I'm AnimalsAre8D on both sites.
~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler