Sunday, July 31, 2011

Final Camp NaNo update July 2011

So, today is the last day of NaNo July 2011.
I was going to go for 35,000 words, but a friend told me to try to get to 40,000 tonight.  Right now I have three hours.  Guess what I'm doing after this?  So, I won't reach the full 50,000, but I am about to finish writing a novel in a month, and, as that same friend said, I need to be proud of that and there's always another NaNo.
Apparently there's a glitch in the site and the timezones are off, therefore, I can't validate my novel.  Stinkiness.  At least, I think it's a glitch.  I contacted NaNo and I'll let you know what they say about it.
So, after I finish Wolf Heart, I'm hoping to go on and start the next one, but I may rather collapse into bed from fatigue and then let my mind mull over it in my sleep.  We'll see what happens.  I'd like to get a head start though so that I get the full 50,000.  Also, I'm not sure what to call the final one.  Hmmm...  Then again, I may need a break from Zotnoke and I should move on to something else for a little while.  What to do, what to do.
Happy writing!

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camp NaNo Update (again)

Camp NaNoWriMo July 2011 is almost over.
I'm only half-way through my novel.
I have to write 5,000 words everyday for the rest of the month.
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Yeah, that's what I looked like when my friend told me that, because I was too stupid to realize that five divided by 25,000 equals 5,000.
So, now you're asking why in the world I'm making a blog post when I should be writing into the late hours of the night on Microsoft Word, not on Blogger (actually it's only mid-day).  I'm here to help others in my predicament, of course.
Due to 4-H I did not write a single word last week and now I will pay for it by sneaking my computer in when I'm supposed to be working the Youth Pop Stand tomorrow, and Brianna and I can drink all the soda we want so that I will stay up late writing.  Just kidding, I'm not the hugest fan of soda, unless it's in small quantities or in the form of a Vernors Float.
Anyway, last night I was chatting my tap teacher on facebook and discussing with him my problem.  He told me to just spew it all out and not to worry about grammar, spelling, or any of that other nonsense.  After all, you have the rest of your life to edit it. My interpretation is lock your inner editor in the closet, and make sure he doesn't bang down the door until August (or September if your doing Camp NaNo August too).  Who care if you spell "that" backwards (taht, for the win)?
Also, a special 
Happy Birthday!!!!!
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to my mommy, who turns.....ummm....about that age today.  She said once you hit over forty you get in trouble for telling your mom's age and I--oops...heh heh.

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Anywhoozle, thanks for reading my blog if you do read it and....I think I'm going to go write about the beginning of their quest to halt Gasis.  HA HA HA!! many people should die?
~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Horror Writing

My favorite quote.  It's by John Jakes.
Alright, I don't have much to post today, so I'm going to wing it, because I told a friend I would post if she posted.  So, first, a picture to start a discussion. 

Another fancy thing you can do with picnik.
Anyway, in case the handwriting's too fancy for you, the picture says, "Be yourself.  Above all, let who you are, what you are, and what you believe shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish."
This inspires me to be myself. Amazing isn't it, that it would inspire me to do what it tells me too?  Yeah, yeah, lame, I know...
So, because I'm still stuck.....
I don't think I need to post the cover this time, so I'll just tell you how far behind I am and everything.
 So far, there has been no kidnapping, the MC is not very main at the moment, I'm behind nearly five thousand words, and my plot isn't sturdy.  Welcome to the realm of Horror Writing.  No not that kind of writing, the kind that's so terribly written it makes you scream and run far, far, away.
Actually, I don't think mine's that bad ( I hope not, anyway).  At the very least, I have an antagonist now.
We're all struggling through week two together now.  In my opinion, it's the worst, simply from all the time wasted staring at the computer screen and thinking, maybe if I keep staring it'll do something all by itself!  I guarantee you that won't happen; it's like staring at the Christmas presents hoping that you'll suddenly gain x-ray vision.
So, as some random NaNo person who sends you NaNo mail once a week says: figure out what your MC really wants, put it on a plate on the highest shelf you can find, and burn the ladder.  Also, throw in some crocodiles and stuff to keep it interesting (no, stepping on a piece of gum on a shiny, new, metal ladder won't work either).
Have I rambled enough yet?
~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Camp NaNo Update

Okay, unless you live in a cave on Greenland, you'll have read my last post and know what Camp Totally Amazing Awesome NaNoWriMo is.  If you didn't click the link last time, DO IT!!!!!!
So, again, about my novel, here's excerpts, cover, synopsis, la di da di da.

Google and Picnik are the most amazing things evah!!

 Synopsis that I'm making up on the spot: 
Sashrera was a normal girl, but now she is a Wolf and little does she know that her whole world is about to change again.
Misty and Eliza are normal girls out for a camping trip with Misty's family when one mishap changes the course of history.
Jagger and Cahya are two seventeen-year-old criminals who spend their time being older then they really are.  On a trip to California, they end up mixed in with the fate of the world.
The elves are peace-loving and they know that the whole world is in danger from an evil so great that it can never be destroyed, only bottled up.  The bottle is about to break and four species must unite together with a chosen one to save everything.
[That was terrible, and very, very, very cliche]

                The figure stepped forward.  It was slender with toned skin and strong muscles.  It appeared to be graceful yet hardy, a creature who spent its days out in the sun, one who has seen much.  Black hair flowed from its scalp, giving it a more feminine appearance.
                “Yev’nar doesth?”  Finally, a language Sashrera understood.  Wolf Speak for, “Who are you?”
                “Why do you wish to know?” Sashrera asked.
                “You are different from other wolves.  You speak intelligently; you are alone.  Alternatively, do I wish to know what you are?”  The being had a silvery voice.  Sashrera immediately thought of the stories she used to read.  An elf?
                “I am a wolf on the outside, but not on the inside.”
                “I can see that.  What is on the inside?”
                “I do not know if I can trust you.”
                “True.  I do not know if I can trust you either.”
                “Then we have a dilemma.”
                Sashrera stood where she was so she could turn and run at any moment and she did not dare turn her back.  She wondered if the creature could sense fear, because she surely reeked of it at the moment.
                “I will begin with me.  I am an elf.  My clan has come because we sense a change in the patterns of magic here.  Do you know anything of it?”  the elf asked her.
                The wolf felt like responding with, “Do I ever?”  but she refrained and said, “Some.”
                “You will not tell me?”
                Sashrera pondered a moment before saying, “I was once not a wolf, but a human.”
                “I see.  Your name?”  The elves tone changed once she mentioned human.  Sashrera couldn’t help but think, Oh no!  Humans are meddling with magic now!  We all shall die!
                “Yours first.”
                The elf sighed in defeat.  “My name is Mrinal, the Lotus Stalk.”
                “My former name was Trisha, noble.  Now it is Sashrera, the Hidden Hero.”
                “What do you know of the magical disturbances?”
                Sashrera eyed the elf once again.  She was dressed in a skin-tight shirt made of a shimmery fabric and rather short shorts of the same green material.   Slung over her back was a bow and arrows, at her side, a knife.
                A typical cliché elf, Sashrera thought.  “I can take you to someone who understands better.”  The thought of taking an elf to Zotnoke was intimidating.  She had already brought him a dragon twice, and both times, he was unhappy.  Would an elf be any different?
                “Take me to him.”
                The demand took Sashrera by surprise, so she answered a bit randomly, “Do you wish to bring any of your clan?”
                “Nay, I can protect myself.”  Sashrera managed to interpret that as, “If he attacks me, you’ll find him in little tiny pieces.”
                “Follow me.”  Although the once human felt uncomfortable with not keeping an eye on the hunter, she was determined to show that she was not afraid, no matter how big of a lie it was.

Soooooooo, there it is.  My amazing novel that is sure to make it on the New York best seller list.  You'll be reading these great fantasies to your kids someday! ~sarcasm~

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

Friday, July 01, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo

       So, you all may or may not know about National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo)  where your goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days.  There's also the Young Writer's Program for anyone who's under 13 or doesn't want to do 50,000 words.  You can set your own goal.
       But now for the real thing.  Yesterday I found out about something just as amazing as NaNoWriMo: CAMP NANOWRIMO!!!!!!!!!  for da first year eva.
        This thing is excactly the same except it's camp themed and it takes plave in July (the downside is no YWP).  In July, however, because it's the first year eva (which ryhmes with beta) there are no "Shiny Bells" such as budies or forums.  There's also a second Camp NaNo in August that does add all the amazing things, but, as far as I know, no YWP.
        So, now I'm doing both and hoping to finish the trilogy I started during NaNoWriMo.
        Now, for my actual novel, because I've suddenly decided to talk about myself.
        Wolf Heart, by me.  It's the second bok in my trilogy that I started during NaNoWriMo 2010.  There'll be a kidnapping I think.  And wolves and magic, which automatically makes it an awesome book.
~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler