Sunday, March 25, 2012

Writer + Christian= Completely and Totally Insane

So, I finally told God several weeks ago that I really wanted to do His Will in absolutely everything.  This was a hard, hard decision for me because I was terrified he would send me to Africa or something.  Long story short, I discovered that when we want to do God's Will we really want to do it!  It doesn't matter what it is.  Anyway that's not the point.  This is:

I think today He hit me with His first project for me.

I think He wants me to write a modern story about two girls fighting with Truth versus Post-Modernism. Both girls will be homeschooled (there's no way I can write about highschool realistically.  Besides, there are way too many of those.).
I have three POV ideas for this:
  • It'll be from the POV of the girl on Truth's side trying to help her friend. (probably first person)
  • It'll be from the POV of the girl on Modernism's side trying to persuade her friend otherwise. (This would be third person because I think this girl will get in an accident and perhaps be converted right before she dies or something...)
  • I could do it from both POV's and rotate. (Not sure if this would be first person or third.)
So, there are the options.  Both girls will be going through a lot of internal struggle. I'm asking opinions on which one would be best.  Leave me a comment with yours.  Pweeeaaassseeee?

I don't read/write a lot of realistic stuff.  I don't read/write a lot of modern-day stuff.  Which is why I think He sent it.  It's not something I would come up with by myself.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler


Nairam said...

Ooh, how exciting and terrifying! The whole "let God run the show" thing, you know. I don't think it's something you'll ever stop learning (foreshadowing, there...).

I'm not that good with story ideas so don't just jump on my gut-reaction here or anything, but it's this: either girl on Truth's side or both of them.

I think that's mostly because I'm really interested in the struggles of the girl who HAS truth.

I'd think and pray about it a lot, though, especially since you think this is from Him. :)


The Nerd said...

I might as well pop in with a word or two. This sounds like a cool idea.

I think you should write from the first person perspective of the girl who does not believe in truth. Show the pain she goes through and the hopelessness she endures with this perspective. Illustrate the small ways she searches for truth despite her claim to not believe in it.

Be careful with your arguments--keep it more emotional than argumentative.

I think the biggest advantage of writing from her POV will be that you will be able to show her as a real person, instead of an antagonistic force.

Cheers, mate.