Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Forget about Christmas in July, it's Christmas in August!!

Yesterday I was on Facebook, chatting a friend, minding my own business, and somehow we managed to get into Lord of the Rings and how I was planning on reading it right between Nutcracker and Christmas.  Then, BAM!  I went into writer mode and started describing everything I love about that time of year.
Next scene, I'm writing Christmas haikus.   I'm going to share them with you now, and later I will go find some pictures and Picnik the poems onto them.  It should be awesome.

Christmas Tree
Dancing, dainty lights,
snowmen, candy-canes, snowflakes.
Christmas Eve's nightlight.

Winter Morning

Sparkling icicles,
snow falls slowly to the ground.
My window is fogged.


Christmas angels sing
of great tidings and great joy.
Let us sing along.

Child's Wish

Deeper and higher
and then dreams of some sledding.
Please, snow all night long.

Front Yard

Deers in white and blue
bend their heads deep to the snow
and drink crystal flakes.

What About?
Presents, trees, and snow...
It is all about just those.
What about Jesus?

Midnight Drive

I drive throughout town,
look at the beautiful lights, 
and sing to myself.

Christmas Pageant

Bright lights on the stage
reflecting off silver wings
in our Christmas play.

Christmas Eve

Christmas carols play
softly on the radio
into a deep sleep.

A Star
It was a star that
showed three special men a way.
Stars I follow too.

My least favorite would have to be Child's Wish and A Star.  My favorites are....a lot of them...  We'll go with Front Yard, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Tree.
Enjoy your Christmas in August!  Hopefully  I've put you in the mood to drive your parents nuts with Christmas stuff already.  I get to do that anyway since NUTCRACKER BALLET TRY-OUTS ARE IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!  YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!  FTR, I dance more than I write sometimes.  I love, love, LOVE Ballet, and Nutcracker, especially Nutcracker because it means lots of late nights with friends I never get to talk to.  YAYNESS!!!!!!!!!

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

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Meadow Sage said...

I love your haiku Winter Morning. :) All of them are so pretty♥