Thursday, August 04, 2011

Jealousy, August CaNaNo, and some other epic stuff.

I am so stinking jealous of everyone's blogs, but mostly just one.  ZNZ and her blog Jotting Down Notes.  But I can't copy her, because that would be bad.  She makes amazing book reviews, and amazing doodles, and amazing, hilarious posts.   I'M JEALOUS THAT I ONLY HAVE FOUR FOLLOWERS AND SHE HAS MORE!
I need help with ideas for making my blog more epic.  Tell me what you wish to read about, pretty please?  Maybe I can gain inspiration from that...  I guess I need something that's ME.  That other writer's don't have...hmmm.....I think I'll go set up a poll.
Also, what do you think of my cover for A Dancer's Heart?  I've decided to keep it at heart, because you can have heart shapes, but not soul shapes, to make a cover.

~Charlotte Grace, the Mind Traveler

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